Club Calendar


Our Google Calendar includes our main events and racing times etc. Please check this calendar for any changes made at short notice.

If you already use a Google Calendar on your Smartphone, Laptop or PC then you can subscribe to the Sutton Dinghy Club calendar  and all our dates, events and last minute changes will be available on your own device. You must be logged into your Google account (and subscribed to Sutton Dinghy Club calendar) to see the Calendar from the web page. Please check regularly for any changes made at short notice. 

This is a copy of the calendar included in the Club Handbook. As the season progresses, event dates and times may change or new events may be organized that we will endeavor to update here on the website version in a timely manner.

For those that want to integrate the calender into their organizers ? Check the following link:

We would also draw your attention to the fact that we include a Sutton Dinghy Club Google calendar on the website Home Page.