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Club Policy and Procedures

Why are policies and procedures important to the running of Sutton Dinghy Club?

Clubs need policies for a number of reasons. Policies formalise and document the club’s rules and procedures and they can be used as a reference in case a dispute or a controversial incident occurs. Policies also provide a how-to guide for the committee, staff, members and volunteers and is particularly useful when new committee members or volunteers come on board. Documented policies and procedures are critical components of our club’s risk management plan. The following sections outline key policy areas that the Committee in Sutton Dinghy Club has considered and documented.

This is an ongoing work in progress and the Committee welcomes any views, thoughts or ideas that will enable us to improve the running of the club and ensure a continued positive experience for all our members, staff and guests.

Safety Statement, Safety Policy and Safeguarding Policy

The overall aim of the safety statement and policies are to make sure that all the club members, employees and guests of the club can enjoy the sport of sailing in the safest possible environment. In doing this, however, it must be recognized that, whilst every possible precaution can be taken, participation in sailing, as with any other water-based physical activity, does have risks which cannot be anticipated.

Safety Policy
Safety Statement
Safeguarding Policy





Emergency Action Plan

The purpose of an Emergency Action Plan is to facilitate and organise staff, members and volunteer actions during workplace emergencies. The Emergency Action Plan sets out how the staff and members of Sutton Dinghy Club should react in the event of an Incident / accident. This should assist them in making correct decisions and taking appropriate action.


Data Privacy Policy

Sutton Dinghy Club understand the importance of your personal information and we are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected at all times. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU regulation comes into effect on May 25th 2018. The GDPR increases responsibilities on us as a Club when processing your personal data and also provides you with more rights with regard the control of your personal information. The Club’s Data Privacy Policy outlines key aspects of the GDPR, describes how we use your personal information and explains some of the rights you have in relation to personal information. If you have any queries, questions or comments on the information contained in this policy document please address your request to or call us on +353 (01) 8393135


General Policies & Procedures
It is the Committees recommendation that all members and staff take the time to review and read these policies.

Recruitment Policy



Code of Conduct
The SDC Code of Conduct document provides staff, members, instructors, trainees and parents with a clear guide on the club’s expectations regarding acceptable behaviour.


Child Protection
Children are the lifeblood of the sport of sailing and it is crucial that they are cared for in the right manner. Sutton Dinghy Club is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of all children whether club members or visitors and operates under the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland.




Garda Vetting
Sutton Dinghy Club in its role as Sailing Centre and as a Community Employment Project sponsor is mindful of the fact that some of our members and staff work in roles with unsupervised access to children and young people. Garda Vetting is a process whereby an approved organization submits a request to the Garda Vetting Unit to check or identify if an individual has convictions or prosecutions on record.

Garda Vetting Procedure