Dinghy Park Storage T&C’s

Terms and Conditions  – Dinghy Park Storage

1. Application for Opi Rack and Dinghy Park Space are ONLY accepted from current Club members. Any exceptions to this (requested formally in writing) must be reviewed and considered by the Sailing Committee and approved by General Committee. Note: Winter Storage application includes Associate Membership Fee.

2. The House & Grounds Committee reserves the right to:

a) Refuse an application for reasons of insufficient available space or lack of adequate use
b) Revoke an allocation if inaccurate or incorrect information has been provided during the application process
c) Allocate some spaces for less than the full season.
d) Re-allocate spaces and rearrange boats as the need arises through the year.
e) Require owners to remove their boats to facilitate the holding of championships, regattas etc.
f) Move owner’s boats to the beach and car park in the event of owners failing to comply with the requirements as per e) above.

3. The owner accepts and undertakes to abide by the following conditions, unless prior exemption from one or more has been previously given in writing by the House & Grounds Committee:

a) RISK: Boats are parked on the Club premises at the absolute risk of their owners. Sutton Dinghy Club will NOT accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to or by the boat whilst it is so parked. Owners will indemnify the Club against any claim whatsoever arising out of any loss of or damage to their parked boat, and agree that insurance of the boat will be their sole responsibility. Applicants must supply a copy of their valid boat insurance certificate with this application. The term “boat” includes hull, sails, spars, trolley, cover and all gear relating to the boat parked at the Club.
b) LOCATION: The boat is to be parked only in its allocated position, and on a serviceable trolley to facilitate movement (unless parked on a rack). All spars and other gear are to be stowed within the limits of the allocated space, to minimise obstruction to others.
c) IDENTIFICATION: The parked boat, and its trolley, must display the Club-supplied tag or sticker indicating its allocated parking bay clearly visible when the boat is in its normal parking position. It must have its name or other identifying mark on the hull, and all sails, spars, cover and other gear are to be clearly marked with boat number, name or other identification.
d) PROTECTION: The boat is to be securely parked in its allocated bay and securely covered. Owners must regularly inspect their boat to prevent water collecting in it, or remove any which has done so.
e) UTILISATION: The boat must be actively used on at least three separate days within each calendar month.
f) DURATION: The owner agrees to park the boat within the Club Boat Park only on receipt of notification that an available space has been allocated to it; not to park the boat before the first day of the calendar month on which the space has been made available, and to arrange for its removal from the Boat Park by the last day of the calendar month on which it terminates. Boats left in the Boat Park without an allocated space are subject to immediate removal to a location outside the designated Boat Park, i.e. car park or the beach.

4. Owners agree that they will remove their parked boat from the Club premises within seven days of notification, either a written or an email request from the House & Grounds Committee for such reasons as that Committee may determine, including:

a) Failure to meet the Club’s conditions for parking as set out above – in which case owners who still wish to park the boat at the Club must submit a new application for parking, and take their place on the waiting list.
b) Sale of the boat. If sold to another member within the Club, parking rights DO NOT transfer with it. New owners must submit their own application for parking, and take their place on the waiting list.
c) The owner’s failure to remain a fully paid-up member of the Club.
In the event that the owner fails to remove the parked boat following a written request to do so, the owner authorises the Club to dispose of the parked boat in any manner deemed appropriate. The proceeds of such disposal are to be levied against the settlement of any expenses incurred by, or monies due to the Club, with any surplus being paid to the owner.

5. A decision by the House & Grounds Committee to refuse an application, or their request for the removal of a parked boat, may be appealed only after complying with the terms of their decision.
Such an appeal must be directed in writing to the Commodore, whose judgment on the matter will be final.