Next event on the GP14 circuit is the combined Autumn Open and Youth Championships which is to be held here in Sutton Dinghy Club on the weekend of Sep 14/15. This is 2 events run together over the same weekend. 4 races for the Autumn Open and 4 races for the Youth Championships (U16, U19 & U22). The GP14 have for many years encouraged Youths to race in the fleet but the Youth Championship has also provided an opportunity for Youth to race the GP14 before they have owned their own boat.

The NOR and Entry Forms are now available here on the Club website as well as on the GP14 Ireland website.

The Club will be providing refreshments, food and music on Saturday evening from about 7:30pm. Competitors will be asked to confirm their evening meal interest and selection prior to the event via the website or via the Club office. Registration opens at the clubhouse at 9am on Saturday, where a welcoming tea/coffee & scones will be available.

Looking forward to seeing you in Sutton Dinghy Club. If you have any questions in relation to the event please feel free to contact me on