Optimist – With poor weather forecast for Sunday, PRO Paul ‘PK’ Kavanagh was considering 3 races for the day. The question, Was there enough wind to get even 2 races in? Racing commenced on time at 12.00. In a light shifty wind the left side of the beat on an ebb tide was favoured. Many of the fleet also felt the pin-end was favoured. The leading group of about 4 boats took control of the race and put clear air between them and the chasing pack. The race was shortened to two rounds with lightening winds and increasing tides. Boats outside the 15 minutes time limit where given a count back based on there position on the water rather than a DNF.

Race 2 was abandoned due to a major wind shift on the first beat and a postponement flag was hoisted while the course was re-configured. Again the conditions were not ideal but we managed to get the fleet away on a shorter course with lightening winds and a strong ebb tide. The race was completed only just following a major wind shift which did not effect the leaders who rounded final leeward mark in a tight bunch with a following wind.

After 2 races St Fintans NS make the running from Belvedere College and Schoil Mhuire with Johnny Flynn, Hugh & Luke Turvey, Luke Groarke Donagh and Leah Rickard all well placed. Provisional Team & Individual Standings here

Mixed Fleet – PRO Jim Lambkin got Race 1 for both Flight A and Flight B first time. Well behaved sailors resulted in a single individual recall in each fleet. Flight A included Lasers, GP14, 420 and started 5 mins in front og Flight B which included Mirrors, Topper and Topaz. 30+ boats in either fleet made for a busy line. The event is run on Portsmouth Yardstick which means each boat is timed for each lap and all are recorded. The PY system allows mixed Classes race each other while also taking into consideration their differences. Race 1 saw the fleets well spaced along the line . In the light shifty wind the 420 looked like the early pace setters with a few Radials. The GP14 after a slow start started to make an impression. A number of boats infringed by not coming through their start-finish time for time recording and paid the penalty. Meanwhile a number of the top Mirrors were travelling well and had opened considerable gap on the Topper and other Mirrors. As the wind lightened there was a little concern that the fleets may struggle to get round the last lap. But just when it was needed a short puff of breeze helped many home with some unfortunately time-out.

Race 2 saw a general recall for Flight A while Flight B showed them the way by getting away first time. Under Black flag Flight A got underway with pin end favoured this time and an ebb tide adding its own challenge. For most of the first lap the wind was steady with the GP14 well up with the Radials and 420 from the start. As the race progressed the GP14 eked out an on the water lead but the Radials, 4.7 and a number of the Mirrors in Flight B were also going well. However on the start of the second lap the wind became decidedly light. The PRO made a call to shorten the course for the Radials, 420’s and GP14 which meant everybody was finishing on end of lap 2. It was a good job the Committee boat was well stocked with sail number callers and recorders as Flight A and Flight B converged on the finish. Race 2 was concluded again with a few boats timed out. The PRO went into sequence for a 3rd race, but quickly went to AP as the wind lightened. However with tide now an issue for getting ribs, committee boat and indeed some of the fleet back the PRO abandoned racing for the day to the delighted cheers of the by now tired crews. The fleet of 67 boats sailing back to the Club made for a spectacular sight.

After 2 races, Gonzaga hold a short lead over Belvedere College and Sligo Grammar with our furthest travellers the McCallister brothers from Bandon Grammar holding a small lead over the Athlone boats of Ben Graf and Caolann Croasdel with 4.7 of Tom Higgins and Dan Hopkins next followed by Aoife Hopkins and then Sutton Dinghy Club sailors Peter Boyle & Tim Coyne in the GP14. Provisional Team & Individual Standings here