In addition to the Clubs regular Sailing Course T&C’s and Booking conditions, the Club have had to introduce a no. of Covid-19 related Booking Conditions to enable us provide sailing courses while adhering to Government and Irish Sailings guidelines for a phased return to sailing. Where there is a clash between the regular T&C’s and Booking Conditions and the ‘Additional Covid-19 related Conditions’ the latter will take precedence.

The ‘Additional Covid-19 related Conditions‘ are outlined below. The Clubs regular Sailing Course T&C’s and Booking Conditions can be found on the Course Booking Forms or HERE on the Club website.

Additional Covid-19 related Conditions

Cover message.

At Sutton Dinghy Club we are doing our best to provide safe, fun and friendly sailing courses despite the presence of Covid-19 in society. Due to Government and HSE Covid-19 guidelines the club has incurred additional costs. In consideration of the safety of your families, our staff, our members and our trainees we have had to implement additional booking conditions which pertain to sailing course bookings. By attending at the course your children and you accept and agree with these conditions.

Additional Conditions pertaining to SDC sailing courses due to Covid-19

  1. By attending each day, parents/guardians undertake that the answers given in the Pre Sailing Course Questionnaire are still NO on a daily basis.

  2. Access to the clubhouse will be restricted this year and as such there will be no changing facilities or showers available at the clubhouse. Trainees should arrive in their sailing gear and depart in their sailing gear or choose to change on the beach before or after the course. Toilets will be available.

  3. This year, it is particularly preferable that trainees have their own wetsuit. However, in the event that trainees require an SDC wetsuit it will be provided on the first morning of the course and returned at the end of the last day. Failure to return will result in a replacement fee of €80. Parents/guardians should assist trainees when changing into an SDC wetsuit on the first morning.

  4. Trainees must adhere to good personal hygiene and behaviour including no coughing, spitting or sneezing into other people’s personal space. Non-compliance will result in immediate suspension from the course.

  5. In order to limit trainee congestion at lunchtime it is preferable that trainees bring their own lunch and snacks

  6. If a trainee feels unwell while at the course they should immediately report to their instructor and if the symptoms are Covid-19 related they will be placed in an isolated area, they will be asked to wear a disposable facemask and their parent/guardian will be contacted. In past years we occasionally have had trainees feigning illness to avoid going sailing, so this year we are asking parents/guardians to explain to their children the seriousness of feigning illness particularly with Covid-19 symptoms.

  7. If a trainee feels unwell at home they should not be brought to the club and the club should be informed.

  8. In the event of a trainee not attending the course due to illness or if we have to request a group of trainees to remain at home because of a possible suspected case of Covid-19 Sutton Dinghy Club will not be providing a refund or rescheduling missed days.

  9. Unlike previous years, on days when we have a lot of rain or it is extremely windy and therefore unsafe we are unable to accommodate a large group indoors, it will be necessary to cancel that days activity and trainees will have to stay away from the club. The decision to cancel will not be taken lightly and parents/guardians/trainees will be advised on arrival at the club on that day. As per booking conditions there will be no refund for days lost due to bad weather.

  10. All parents /guardians should ensure compliance with current Government and HSE Covid-19 Guidelines

Stay safe! And look I forward to when we can all Sail Safe!

Ian McCormack