Archie O’Leary was well known to Sutton sailors of his generation both from his reputation as a sailing supremo in Cork and also from visiting Sutton in the early years to sail in the Book Trophy or ‘The Sutton Book’ as it was referred to in Cork.

Archie O'Leary @ 2014 Book Trophy Photo Bob Bateman

RCYC members who previously competed at the Sutton Book with Sutton’s Wendy Rudd and Andy Johnston. L. to R. Stephen O’Shaughnessy, Anthony O’Leary, Tom Crosbie, T.E. Crosbie, Archie O’Leary and Paul Tingle. Pic Robert Bateman

More recently in September 2014, Sutton’s Junior Book team in visiting Royal Cork Yacht Club were welcomed by Archie and his son Anthony O’Leary both former Book Trophy sailors in their day. While Royal Cork were victorious on the day, it was a superb occasion for our young sailors and wonderfully marked by the attendance of one of RCYC’s most famous families.

Sutton Dinghy Club expresses its sympathies to the O’Leary family at this time.

Jim Lambkin (Commodore)

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