Across the Roof of RussiaEight Irishmen and their 47-foot boat Northabout left Westport in June 2001 to sail the Northwest Passage. Nobody had ever sailed this in an East/West direction which is against the prevailing tides and winds. The crew endured hazards of ever-moving ice and navigation through narrow channels of open water.

They photographed the harsh beautiful landscape and superb wildlife on their way. The boat was Northabout in Northeast Passagedesigned specifically for polar exploration and built by Jarlath Cunnane.

One of the crew was Gary Finnegan who has been a cameraman and film maker for over 30 years. As well as crewing on this journey Gary filmed the trip from start to finish. Gary is coming to Sutton Dinghy Club to show this great film and to answer any questions you have on the night.

Starts 7:30pm. Refreshments available.