Tower Mark @ Sutton Dinghy ClubWith racing underway for the last few weeks, great to see the handy work of Aidan Henry at close quarters.

Aidan has cleaned and painted all the marks and on our trip for the Doldrum Bay Cleanup this weekend to collect the rubbish we got up close to the new Tower and Rock marks. There is a new Westpoint Mark in place and we will endeavor to get a close up photo before too long. Thanks Aidan they are looking great.  Rock Mark @ Sutton Dinghy Club

Another monumental effort from Patrick Jackson and all the volunteers on Saturday in filling almost 100 bags of rubbish on the the beaches between Doldrum Bay and the Bailey lighthouse. The Dinghy Club were delighted to be involved with the ribs to help get the bags off the beaches and back to the Fingal Co. Co crew at the Club.

Doldrum Beach Clean john & Derek Doldrum Beach Clean Rib full of bags Doldrum Beach Clean Gordan lifting last few bags Doldrum Beach Clean Derek on way back to Club

Fingal had a film crew around for the day so should make for interesting viewing. As Patrick said lets hope this helps bring a bit of focus on sorting out the sewage issue in Doldrum Bay. Thanks on the day to John Hall, Gordan Kelly and Derek Doherty for manning the ribs and for Hugh Gill for making the arrangements. Doldrum Beach Clean Fingal Co Co film crew


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